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The Company TodayThe Bacova Guild, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ronile Inc., is one of the largest producers of printed accent rugs, printed floor mats and bathroom ensembles. Bacova is located in Covington, VA.

Known as an innovative developer of fresh fashion and new home d├ęcor products, Bacova annually introduces many exciting new products plus hundreds of new designs that keep its continuing lines unique. Bacova currently satisfies the needs of its diverse customer base by offering more than thirty distinct product lines totaling approximately 3,000 unique items.

Bacova serves almost every channel of retail distribution including Department Stores, Linen Specialty Stores, Mass Merchants, Warehouse Clubs, Home Centers, Mail Order Catalogs and many others. Plus, Bacova sells both directly to retailers and to distributors in foreign countries throughout the world.

Responsiveness and flexibility are key elements in Bacova's ability to serve such a diverse customer base. Whether designing an exclusive style for a mail order catalog, solving a display problem for a mass merchant or packing complimentary products together for a special department store promotion, Bacova continually provides creative marketing and merchandising approaches for its customer partners.

Although Bacova has grown rapidly during the past decade it remains committed to its original ideals of providing a good workplace for its employees, creating innovative products that expand decorating options, producing a quality product for the consumer and supplying superior service for its customers.


Bacova's HistoryBefore Bacova was a company it was a place. In fact, that place, Bacova, Virginia, exists today. A tiny village nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of western Virginia; the Tidewater Oil Company founded Bacova early in the 1920s, as a company owned logging town.

Bacova, an acronym for BAth COunty VirginiA was home to the largest lumberyard on the East Coast during the 20s, but the company went bankrupt during the Great Depression. In 1957 a New Jersey industrialist, Malcolm Hirsh, bought the entire town. In 1965 Mr. Hirsh founded The Bacova Guild to provide an economic life for the villagers occupying the town's 42 homes.

Bacova's first products focused on nature art laminated into fiberglass items including the famous classic Bacova fiberglass covered mailboxes. Sold in 1981 to Pat Haynes and Ben Johns, two former Tennis pros looking for a way to live and work in the beautiful Allegheny Highlands they had come to love, Bacova grew from a tiny company to a successful gift company.

But it was the development of Bacova's first printed welcome mat that really started the company on the road of explosive growth. Since that first mat in 1983 Bacova has produced tens of millions of mats and gone on to innovate and introduce dozens of additional decorative home products.

Today Bacova continues to provide the very latest in color and fashion for the products it manufactures, markets and distributes. Innovation and creativity is what sets Bacova apart from its competitors.